How to Stop Restless Legs: Some Home Remedies to Put in Place

Are you wondering How To Stop Restless Legs? RLS or restless leg syndrome is a condition affecting thousands of people every year. The people suffering from this condition experience pains, sensations and aches in their legs especially when they sit or lie down on the bed. With RLS, the legs feel like working out even though the mind and the body are prepared for sleep. People suffering from this condition might find it very difficult to stay asleep or fall asleep because RLS generally happens at night when an individual lies down. This decreases the life quality of the sufferer. Women are the common victims of this condition which can happen at almost any age affecting the adults very often. Symptoms of this condition might vary in severity and duration for each individual. There are people who experience severe symptoms while other have mild symptoms.

How to Stop Restless Legs

Reducing the Pain

RLS symptoms can range from being very painful to completely irritating. Therefore, patients must try alternating cold and hot compresses on their legs for reducing the pain. Patients can even take massages or hot baths for soothing and relaxing the leg muscles.


Preventative exercise is considered one of the most beneficial home remedies for treating restless legs. the patients of RLS should make it a point to exercise for thirty to sixty minutes on a regular basis. This can help them in experiencing fewer symptoms, less fatigue and improved sleep habits. There is no need to practice intense exercises and overexert the body. Exercises like jogging and walking can always be of good help. They also go a long way in improving an individual’s sleep quality. Yoga is one of the most effective forms of exercising for people suffering from restless legs. practicing yoga can help the sufferers to experience fewer symptoms and less stress as well. Better sleeping habits and moods are also reported through yoga practice.

Practicing Proper Sleep Hygiene

As has already been said, RLS can prevent an individual from sleeping or staying asleep for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary for the patients to eliminate the other problems that can keep them away from having a sound sleep. It is advisable to sleep at the same time every day as this helps in promoting good sleep. Practicing a proper bedtime routine helps in falling asleep at a fast pace. Keeping a sleep journal can also be very useful.

Reducing Stress

RLS symptoms worsen if an individual experiences stress. Therefore, it is necessary for the patients to loom out for the right treatments that can help them in eliminating stress which would ultimately help in alleviating RLS symptoms. Stress can effectively be reduced by trying some relaxation procedures like meditation and breathing.


It has been proved through studies that even supplements can help in treating restless legs. however, it is necessary to consult a doctor and get the right supplements required for treating the condition.