How To Stop Restless Legs

How to stop restless legs? This seems to be one of the most common questions among the ones who have friends or relatives affected by restless leg syndrome. Prior to getting an answer to this common question, it is necessary to understand the nature of this condition first. RLS or Restless Leg Syndrome is also called Willis-Ekbom disease. This is a kind of neurological condition characterized by an uncontrollable and tempting impulse of moving some parts of the body in trying to relieve a discomforting sensation. This condition generally affects the legs. However, this condition can even affect the arms, the phantom limbs and the torso. Temporary relief can well be felt by moving the part of the body which has been affected by the condition.

Understanding the Symptoms of RLS

Prior to having a clear understanding of the causes of this condition, individuals need to understand the symptoms first. The sensation felt by an individual when he or she experiences restless leg syndrome is a type of incomparable tickling or itching in the area that is primarily affected. This tickling or itching cannot be stopped very easily. The sensations are generally felt with great intensity while doing activities like relaxing, reading, studying and even when an individual tries to sleep. Most individuals experiencing this condition have their legs jerking uncontrollably and involuntarily while sleeping.

Stopping the Restless Legs without Undergoing Surgery

RLS or restless leg syndrome can either affect the legs or the arms. There are different types of medicines that can effectively be used or curing this condition. However, there are a lot of people who like going for the natural cures in place of prescription medicines for getting instant relief. The natural cures for RLS are recommended for those individuals who do not like taking medicines for a very long span of time. some of the most beneficial and effective natural cures on How To Stop Restless Legs are as follows:

Eliminating Substances that Cause the Condition

There are a number of substances that can trigger this condition and therefore it is always beneficial to avoid such substances as much as possible. Caffeine works towards making an individual jittery. It can worsen RLS condition and its symptoms. Therefore eliminating caffeine on a regular basis or reducing the intake of caffeine can help in reducing the symptoms of RLS and even in avoiding the condition completely. Tobacco and alcohol elimination can also help in reducing the symptoms of RLS.

Adding Nutrients and Vitamins in Regular Diet

This is another effective natural cure for restless legs. Adding essential nutrients and vitamins to the regular diet can help in curing the symptoms of RLS. Iron deficiency is considered one of the most important factors increasing the risk of RLS in people. Adding extra iron to the diet can help in eliminating or decreasing the condition completely. Iron deficiency can be avoided by taking iron-rich foods in large quantities and even by taking beneficial iron supplements. There are other minerals and vitamins that can also be taken for minimizing the symptoms of RLS and they include magnesium, zinc and calcium. Multivitamin supplements can also be of good help but it is better to derive them from original food sources.

Non-Traditional Medical Procedures

There are a number of non-traditional medical procedures that can also be used for getting relief from restless legs. Such procedures include acupuncture that can help in relieving RLWS symptoms. The results can easily be noticed in just one acupuncture session. Patients also have the alternative of visiting chiropractors who can help with this condition. Chiropractors generally recommend exercises that can help the patients in getting relief from restless leg syndrome. There are exercises that can be of good help in strengthening the muscles in the pelvic region thus helping in curing RLS.

Lifestyle Changes and Medicines

Having proper diet and getting enough sleep are certain changes that can be made to one’s life in order to get relief from the symptoms of RLS. Sometimes, medicines taken for various other medical conditions might make muscle relaxation difficult and they might also result in insomnia. Therefore, it is necessary for patients to review their medicines with their doctors in order to find out whether the medicines are contributing to the disorder or not.


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