Get the list of popular restless legs medication

Initially there were limited counts of restless legs medication, but now the count has increased to a great extent. Many new drugs have been added to the existing list for treating RLS.

Home remedies do not work faster and this is the reason many annoyed patients with RLS often choose the option of restless legs medication. But in this respect you have to be very much careful, you should choose only those drugs that are completely safe and can cater you the quickest relief from RLS symptoms. For severe or critical cases of RLS regular medication is needed and it should be maintained on a sincere note.

During the initial stages of RLS, you can even take OTC medicines, but in severe cases you need to get the best suggestions from your doctor so that you can receive the prescribed ones only. There are some familiar or commonest drugs that are often prescribed to almost every RLS patient excepting pregnant ladies and you can come to know about them directly from the updated medical reviews online.

Popular RLS medicines:

  • Dopamine agonists: These are the best agents for dealing with normal neurotransmission actions. Though few side-effects are associated with these medicines, but they are not harmful for health. This is the reason doctors find it quite convenient to prescribe these drugs to RLS patients. Mirapex, Nuepro and Requip are the most prominent options that can treat with RLS sensations well. Initially doctors used to prescribe only these medicines to patients having RLS issue.
  • Benzodiazepines: These medicines act as the best sedatives and thus you might feel dizzy after taking the same. These drugs ensure comfortable sleep at night without being disturbed by RLS sensation in legs. Xanax, Restoril and Klonopin are the best examples in this regard. These medicines are very much mild and thus can be comfortably prescribed to almost all RLS patients.
  • Anticonvulsants: Both nerve and chronic pain can be treated well by these medicines. In fact, these drugs have currently gained a great popularity in the market for this particular feature only. Gabapentin Enakarbil and Gabapentin are the best agents under this category.
  • Alpha2 Agonists: Alpha2 receptors of your brain need to be controlled otherwise you will not get rid of RLS signs. These receptors can be now automatically controlled with these medicines. Brain’s nervous system, especially neurons can be maintained in quite a healthy condition with these medicines. This is how involuntary sensations and movements can be kept under control.
  • Opiates: RLS pains can be quite chronic at times and these painful sensations can be effectively handled by means of these drugs. All drugs under this category cannot be prescribed as most of them are highly addictive. This is the reason only selective drugs under this category are being recommended to the patients suffering from extreme RLS pains.
  • Dopaminergic agents: Brain’s dopamine levels are being boosted up instantly with the consistent intake of this restless legs medication. If dopamine is being controlled efficiently, then you will never suffer from RLS signs much. This is the reason doctors are now prescribing these medicines as the safest option. Carbidopa and Levodopa can create a great combination together in this regard.